Benefits of exercise for patients

Cancer survival has doubled over the past 40 years.

Activity and exercise provides everyone with a powerful mechanism for best coping with, and overcoming, a diagnosis.

Before treatment.

Exercise positively prepares one’s body to better deal with the negative physiological effects. This is commonly known as “pre-hab.”

During treatment.

Exercise improves overall physical capabilities, general well-being, and is beneficial for weight loss / management: A healthy weight helps lessen the severity of the side effects of treatments.

It also carries huge psychological benefits; boosting mental strength, resilience, belief, and confidence.

Side effects of treatmentBenefits of exercise
Fatigue Elevates energy levels
Depression Improves mood and general frame of mind
Loss of muscle / strengthImproves strength / reverses effects of muscle loss
Low immune system Increases natural killer cells and white blood cells
Swelling Reduces swelling
Self esteem Improves self belief and confidence
Neuropathy Lessens effects by improving efficiency of nerves
Lymphodeoma Encourages lymphatic drainage
Lack of mobility Improves range of motion and posture

After treatment.

  • Decreases risk of re-occurrence and mortality.
  • Increases daily well-being and future quality of life.
  • Improves frame of mind and control of emotions.
  • Offers social interaction and a reason to get “out and about.”
  • Helps balance the bodies hormones; particularly those associated with re-occurrence. (Insulin. Testosterone. Oestrogen).


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