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Brought to you by cancer rehabilitation expert Mark Wild, this site provides a platform of information designed to help patients transition through the different stages as positively as possible.

Reassuring Research.

Numerous studies prove exercise is a safe and effective way of helping to:

  • Deal with the physical and psychological side effects of treatment.
  • Enhance daily well-being and quality of life both during and after.
  • Decrease the risk of re-occurrence.

 “If physical exercise were a drug, it would be hitting the headlines.” Jane Maher, chief medical officer of Macmillan.

Strong Scientific Statistics.

  • Being physically active (3 hrs per week) can reduce the risk of re-occurrence by up-to 50% in comparison to being inactive.
  • Starting a regime after treatment can reduce the risk of mortality by up-to 30% in certain cancers.

“It doesn’t need to be anything too strenuous; gardening, a brisk walk or a swim, all count.” Ciaran Devane, chief executive of Macmillan.

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One thought on “Cancer & Exercise – a helpful hub”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I hope things are all well with you – thank you so much for your generous sponsorship, and your offer of nutritional advice: It would be absolutely great if you had time to discuss/email back when you get a minute: to see what your thoughts are… To save your time here is a summary of what I’ve been doing to complement chemo:

    Massively increased water intake (circa 4/5 litres per day) particularly over and close to treatment days.

    As close as possible to 0 refine sugar intake plus fewer starchy carbohydrates and reduced meat intake (I was pretty much eating my bodyweight in meat every week, prior to my treatment!).

    Circa 10 portions of fruit & veg per day.
    Lots more fish & beans in place of meat.
    Focus on cruciferous veg & deep colored fruits/berries.
    Swapped potatoes for sweet potatoes.
    Swapped onion for red onion.
    Added flax seed, sunflower seeds, nuts, herbs & spices into diet where possible.
    Replaced tea & coffee with lemon & ginger tea largely + occasional camomile + CBD tea v occasionally to relax.

    Plus these supplements daily split between lunchtime & breakfast (!):

    2*barocca/multi vit per day
    2*1000IU vitamin D
    2* ‘high strength’ fish/cod liver oil
    2* Acai 1500mg extract
    4* rose hip 750mg
    2* wasabi extract 400mg
    2* Holland & Barret herbal cognitive formula
    2* 1440mg turmeric, ginger & black pepper
    2* liverel vitabiotics supplement
    2* lycopene vitabiotics supplement
    2*ginko biloba
    1*korean ginseng
    1*rutin 500mg

    !!!!! Sorry rather a lot of info !! – I did a fair bit of research/conversation with others and I believe there is some (although sometimes tenuous!) cancer fighting/anti inflammatory and or immune system benefit to all of these dietary supplements; but I’ve no idea if the balance is right or of potential interactions etc. Etc!

    All I can share is that I have been on most of these supplements & made all other changes before chemo started & in first 6 weeks of chemotherapy my CEA blood test figure has fallen from 551 down to 63; and my white blood cell count does appear to be holding up quite well too.

    It would be great to hear from you with your thoughts if and when you get time.

    Either by email below or on 07891637844,

    Many thanks!


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