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Some information for those caring and supporting patients: Help them whilst also helping yourself! Lifestyle choices are vital for EVERYONE in helping beat cancer.

“It is abundantly clear that the incidence of all common cancers is being determined by potentially controllable means. Cancer is in large part a preventable disease.” Willett. W.C (JAMA)

Reduce the Risks

  • Age: The longer we are exposed to the environment, the more likely our cells become damaged. Counteracting this is done by leading a healthy lifestyle; including regular exercise.
  • Overweight: More than 1: 20 cancers in the UK alone are linked to excess weight. Obesity: 40-50% more likely to get certain cancers,
  • Sedentary lifestyle: A Study by American Cancer Society found 1/3 of all cancer deaths were linked to a lack of activity and exercise.

Effects of Exercise

  • Exercise lowers the risk of getting Breast cancer by up-to 40%, Colon by 50% and Uterine by 46%.
  • Helps lower body fat, improve insulin sensitivity, and balance sex hormones; all of which are powerful preventatives.
  • Increases bowel transit time, reducing exposure and absorption of carcinogenic substances.
  • The overall benefits of exercise prevent many other major illnesses.

Take a look at our example activity and exercise routine.


Experts believe that nearly 1:10  cancer cases in the U.K are linked to less healthy diets. Eating a well-balanced diet that’s HIGH in Fibre, fruit and vegetables, and LOW in processed foods, red meat, and salt, can help reduce the risk of diagnosis and re-occurrence.

Take a browse on our food for thought page.

Helpful link: cancer research

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