What to do

Activity: Build a strong base.

Although different and less influential than exercise, activity provides everyone’s most important foundation. It builds fitness fundamentals and betters daily well-being; improving muscles, mobility, and mood.

Be as active as possible: Integrate activity into daily life as much as possible; especially if you’re not a fan of exercise!

  • Walking. Gardening. House work. Shopping. General errands.

Aim: To do at least 3 HOURS PER WEEK. This can include your exercise regime.

Top tips

  • Keep your head up: An upright posture is good for the body and frame of mind.
  • Every step is a success: Use every step as a visual for going in the right direction: Onwards and upwards.
  • Pick up pace: Get to a stable level of breathlessness. Walk briskly for 20-30min. Longer walks: Integrate intervals: i.e. – 4min normal / 1min fast. These walks are as effective as a jog.
  • Broaden the mind: Walk different routes and do different things; the same makes us insane!
  • Find the sun: Vitamin D makes us happier.


Point of Reference: R. P. E

The R.P.E scale relates to  intensity of activity and exercise. Refer to this as a guideline for how hard you should be working.

Rating of Perceived Exertion Borg RPE Scale

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