Your Rewarding Routine.

This is a well-rounded routine devised by specialist Mark Wild: It provides a good starting point and needs no equipment. Included are videos (more available at bottom of page) using his method; which improves strength, suppleness, and stability.

Be sure to have your doctors permission before doing ANY exercise.

MONDAYMark Wild Method Bodyweight routine. Approx. 30min. Example video
TUESDAYCardiovascular exercise: 30 - 60 mins. {Fast walk, Run, Cycle, Swim, Gym based equipment.} Option 2: Activity 30 - 60 mins {Walk with a friend, Errands, Shopping, Gardening, Housework.}
WEDNESDAYWalking Wednesday: 30-60 min. Options: 1) Normal pace throughout. 2) Brisk pace for 30min. 3) Intervals for 60 mins: 4min normal pace / 1min faster.
THURSDAYDay off: Take weight off body by relaxing as much as possible.
FRIDAYMWM: Bodyweight routine. Approx. 30mins. Example video
SATURDAYActivity: 60mins. {Walk with a friend, Errands, Shopping, Gardening, Housework.} Option 2: Cardiovascular exercise: 30 - 60mins.
SUNDAYRest day: {Arrange something social that gets you out and about.} Option 2: Day Off - relax as much as possible.

Top Tips.

Get it done: Exercise in the morning; you’ll feel the benefits for the whole day. Partner up: Find a family member, friend, or professional; interaction adds fun! Tune in: Music helps create an environment; increasing energy and enthusiasm.

Requirements of Routine.

Information that ensures safety and effectiveness, whilst covering how to self-sufficiently create and maintain a rewarding routine.

Dedicate your diary: Routine is about rhythm so it must fit your life. Look at your diary and lock in weekly times/days when it’s feasible to consistently do exercise/activity.

No.1 Rule: Listen to your body. Don’t be disheartened if your body tells you not to do what you’d planned, or to stop what you’re doing.

  • Acknowledge how your body feels during and after exercise: Gathering this awareness helps you understand what works best.

Keep Variety and Progress: Keep trying new things, and when possible push your capabilities; challenge is the only way to progress.

Rejig Routine: 10 weeks. At the END of EVERY 10 weeks, apply change by doing a rejig: Keep what’s working, but add some variety, and progress; slightly elevating your effort levels.

  • Refer to tables on EXERCISE PAGE for ways to add variety and progress.

Evaluating effects.

To be done with every 10 week rejig: You only need yourself and a minute or two of thought.

Mirror & Mind: How does your body look / How does it feel? What’s changed and why: Try to understand the reasons for your results.

Support videos:

A selection of videos by Mark Wild. They’re all different; so to be a regular source for rejig of routines. Bodyweight videos.

See FOOD FOR THOUGHT page for nutrition advice.

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