Example ROUTINE: 3hrs per week

MONDAYBodyweight resistance. 20mins Example video
TUESDAYBrisk walk or aerobic activity. 20mins+ Short activity e.g. trip to shops. 10mins
WEDNESDAYWalking Wednesday! 30-45 minute walk.
FRIDAYBodyweight resistance. 20mins Example video
SATURDAYBrisk walk or aerobic activity. 20mins+
SUNDAYActivity e.g. trip to meet friend/general errands. 60mins

Above is a well rounded routine devised by specialist Mark Wild. It’s simple, effective, and doesn’t require equipment!Included is his method which amongst other things, improves strength, suppleness and stability. You can access more of marks videos here. Be sure to have your doctors permission before doing ANY exercise.

Motivational tips

Get it done: Exercise in the morning; it won’t hang over you, and you’ll feel the benefits for the whole day!

Partner up: With a family member, friend, or professional; interaction makes it more fun!

Tune in: Music helps create an environment-increasing energy and enthusiasm!

Prioritise enjoyment and empowerment: Do things you enjoy, and most importantly, make you feel good!

Routine is the only route to results!

Keeping exercise consistent is the only way to reap the rewards on offer!

Make a plan! Look at your diary and lock in times/days when it’s feasible for you to consistently do exercise/activity.

Choices and decisions: Listen to your body! The state you are in should determine your routines structure and selection; don’t be disheartened if you don’t do what you had planned!

Create regular change: Variety and progress are the most important aspects to keep a routine rewarding. Keep trying new things and when possible push your capabilities- challenge is the only way to progress!

10 week duration: A weekly structure should not be repeated for anymore than 10 weeks! The same stagnates, so at this junction, change the content and try some different things.

Evaluating effects

Listen to your body!

  1. Acknowledge: How you feel after each session.
  2. Assess: The effects at the end of every week.
  3. Evaluate: The routine at every 10 week junction; reflect and recognise the effects it’s had on you.

To get the most out of your exercise routine, go to our FOOD FOR THOUGHT page for nutrition advice!

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