Below are the most essential elements of exercise to know about. Always obtain permission from your doctor before participating.

Routine is the only route to reward.

Ingraining routine is everyone’s priority. It provides consistency which is the most important aspect to feeling the full effects of exercise: Without regularity, the rewards are limited. See example routine for information.

Number 1 Rule: Listen to your body.

Listening to the messages given by your body ensures safety and elevates effectiveness.

  • Select by your state: Choose, and do things, dependant on how your body feels. Always START SLOWLY and do what YOU are capable of. If you’re ever being told to rest – rest!
  • Acknowledge: How you feel during and after every session; this brings awareness which gives understanding as to what’s best for your body.

Two main types of exercise.

A well rounded routine requires both cardiovascular and resistance training; in different ways these build up the bodies foundations.

  • Stimulate to succeed: To gain benefits, exercise should always stimulate your body with higher levels of effort than when doing general activity.

Cardiovascular (Aerobic).

Strengthens the heart and lungs.

FREQUENCY2-3 x week.
INTENSITY (Options for altering / adding progress to routine)Stable level of breathlessness. R.P.E: 12-16. {To increase challenge: Move faster / Do longer duration.} {To decrease: Slower pace / Less duration}
TIMEMinimum of 20 mins. / Up-to 60mins. Can be in intervals: i.e. Walk 1min / Fast walk or run 1min.
TYPES (Options for variety to routine){Fast walk / Cycling / Running / Swimming / Skipping / Sports / Dancing.} {Gym: Step machine / Cross trainer / Rower / Classes.}

Resistance (Weights).

Strengthens the muscles. Don’t be put off using it: There are numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased metabolism; it’s very effective for burning calories.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Improved mobility and posture.
  • Improved joint function, and decreases risk/side effects of arthritis.
FREQUENCY2 - 3 x week. Allow minimum of one days rest in-between sessions.
INTENSITY (Options for altering / adding progress to routine)Stable level of challenge. R.P.E: 12-16 {Increasing challenge: Raise number of repetitions / amount of resistance (weight) / less rest / move faster.} {Decreasing challenge: Lower repetitions / resistance / more rest / slower tempo.}
TIME30 - 40 mins. Note: Anything is beneficial - even 5 mins.
TYPES (Options for variety to routine){Any exercises with: Bodyweight / Dumbbells / Resistance bands / Medicine ball / Swiss ball.} {Gym: Resistance machines / Classes with weights.} {Other forms: Yoga. Pilates. Tai chi.}

See how to do your own REWARDING ROUTINE

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