Physical activity

Think actively about being as active as possible!

Although different and less influential than exercise, activity is a very important foundation that builds fitness fundamentals and increases daily well-being; improving mood, muscle strength, and mobility!

Aim: To do at least 3 HOURS PER WEEK. This can include your exercise regime.


These should be integrated into your daily life as much as possible; especially if you’re not a fan of exercise!

General activities include:

  • Walking. Gardening. House work. Shopping. General errands.

Top tips

  • Keep you head up: An upright posture is good for the body and frame of mind.
  • Every step is a success: Use every step as a visual for going in the right direction: Onward and upwards.
  • Broaden the mind: Walk different routes and do different things; the same makes us insane!
  • Speed up: Integrate faster intervals of walking into a long duration, or do a short brisk walk for 20-30 mins. It’s as effective as a jog!
  • Find the sun: Vitamin D makes us happier and healthier!
AIMBe active 5 days a week by making the right choices to move your body as much as possible.
FREQUENCYAs often as you feel capable.
INTENSITYEasy (heart rate will be elevated very slightly in comparison to being sedentary) R.P.E: 9-11
TIMEAny time/duration!
TYPEAny activity which gets you moving

Take a look at our EXAMPLE ROUTINE

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