Physical activity

Main Goal

3 HOURS PER WEEK (minimum of 150mins a week) this INCLUDES your exercise regime.


These should be integrated into your daily lifestyle as much as possible, especially if you are not a fan of exercise! To gain added psychological benefits, when feasible do your activity with some company. Adding a social aspect to your regime will also help with your motivation. Basic physical activities provide the perfect platform for your exercise regime.

General activities include:

  • Walking- Join one of our Walking Wednesdays!
  • Gardening
  • House work
  • Shopping
  • General errands
  • Climbing stairs
AIMBe active 5 days a week by making the right choices to move your body as much as possible.
FREQUENCYAs often as you feel capable.
INTENSITYEasy (heart rate will be elevated very slightly in comparison to being sedentary) R.P.E: 9-11
TIMEAny time/duration!
TYPEAny activity which gets you moving

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TIP: When doing physical activity or exercise, try doing it outside to gain the benefits of vitamin D

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