About Cancer and Exercise

This is a non commercial, educational site, founded by Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation expert Mark Wild created to increase awareness of the benefits of exercise specific to those affected by cancer.

Due to various reasons, too many people are unaware of  the huge amount of research and growing evidence which proves exercise is safe and highly effective throughout the different stages of cancer, whilst also being a very powerful preventative. On completion of a Level 4 Cancer rehabilitation course at the Royal Marsden, I felt it was imperative to congregate the most trustworthy, relevant, and influential information from an array of the most established and credible sources, in order to provide the necessary education for visitors to understand, implement, and most importantly share with others.

I have over 10 years experience as a trainer and mentor, with the past 5 years dedicated to researching and learning about exercise and nutrition for cancer patients. I’ve had the pleasure of  witnessing the benefits of exercise for a vast amount of patients, particularly since setting up a local voluntary group in association with Macmillan in 2011.  The success of this has led me to run an exercise group for Prostate U.K,  deliver seminars at various hospitals, and recently become the health professional for a  C.C.G (Clinical Commission Group) in South West London.


Committed to increasing awareness and improving statistics.